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PageMako is much more than just a landing page builder. It’s a rapid-fire Gatlin gun that will let you punch out unique, high-conversion squeeze and review pages – from nothing to LIVE – in as little as 6 minutes flat!

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Email Templates Starter Pack | Bonus #1: 20 Fill-In-The-Blank Email Templates Starter Pack

Writing emails that get opened, read, and clicked on is often a huge challenge for marketers. In fact, I routinely charge and receive $1400 for a set of 10! These templates are based on winning emails that are proven to get a large number of click-throughs and conversions. ($900 value)

How to Create Landing Page Videos | Bonus #2: "How to Create Smoking Hot Landing Page Videos in 12 Minutes or Less"

This 3-part video tutorial on creating landing page videos shows you how to go from scratch through rendering in a matter of minutes. You’ll also get several sales script outlines to make scripting your message lightning fast. ($49 value)

FREE Facebook Ad Coupon | Bonus #3: FREE $50 Facebook Ad Voucher

Remember I mentioned traffic? Onc e you sign up for PageMako, we’ll email your unique voucher code for $50 in FREE Facebook Advertising that you can use immediately. These aren’t crappy expired coupons you find on junk websites. We get these direct from an “inside” source. This alone pays for your first month of membership! (Good for NEW Facebook accounts only)

Facebook Ads Campaign Strategy | Bonus #4: Facebook Ads Backroom Battle Plan

We want to help you get the most out of your Facebook Vouchers. So we’ll also give you an in-depth video showing you our personal step-by-step strategy for setting up a targeted click-happy campaign that consistently leads to 40%+ conversions on our pages. ($67 value)

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Add To Cart - $4.97/month

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Marc Goldman & Chris Custer

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